Piccadilly Theatre

Having opened in 1928, the Piccadilly Theatre London has been used for a wide range of different kinds of entertainment, spanning everything from cinema through to ballet and drama.

Located in the heart of London in Piccadilly Circus (giving the theatre it’s name), the venue is well situated for a number of tourist hotspots. This means there is plenty going on around the theatre, which makes planning a day trip to see Jersey Boys very easy.

Over the last few decades the Piccadilly Theatre has hosted moderate scale West End musicals such as Grease, Ghost the Musical, Viva Forever and Dirty Dancing. Jersey Boys arrived at the Piccadilly Theatre in March 2014, following a very successful 6 years at the Prince Edward Theatre.


The Piccadilly Theatre is split across three levels, the Stalls, Dress Circle and Grand Circle, with the former being the lowest and the later the highest. The Piccadilly considered to be a medium sized theatre by West End standards, meaning that even in the top level you should not feel too high up.

Generally speaking the most expensive seats are in the Stalls and Dress Circle, the middles of which boast the best views of the stage. Cheaper seats can be found at the very back of the Stalls and in the Grand Circle. Views at the back of the Stalls may have a slight overhang restriction, whereas the centre of the Grand Circle has a clear view of the stage, but may feel slightly further back.

Whilst the Grand Circle in the Piccadilly Theatre is not particularly high, it is recommended that people with a fear of heights of with movement difficulties book in the lower levels.

For further details please see the seating plan below, where you can clearly decipher each level of seating.


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