Since opening in the West End’s Prince Edward Theatre in 2008 Jersey Boys has enjoyed both critical and public acclaim, winning a series of awards including the Olivier Award and What’ Award for Best New Musical. The commercial success of the musical is indisputable given that it is still going strong after three years on the London theatre scene, but what have the public made of the show between when it opened to today? We’ve pulled together a few snippets of independent blogger’s responses to the show so that you can see exactly why Jersey Boys has been making waves since it first hit the London stage.


“Jersey Boys – a show about some workin’ class boys from New Jersey makin’ good – was was all class. Rather than the usual trick of being a juke box of hits strung together for an unbelievable story, or weaving a string of b-side songs into a nights entertainment because that is all the rights that were available, this show tells the story of the boys rise to fame using their music…There seemed to be a great chemistry onstage with the actors and Ryan Molloy as Franki Valli and Stephen Ashfield as Bob Gaudio were particularly memorable. When songs you have heard many times before seem new and fresh like “December 1963 (Oh what a night)” you know something good is going on.” PAUL IN LONDON read more

“Bursting onto the stage with some French Four Seasons Hip-Hop, Jersey Boys meanders through a bleak back story before breaking into the good numbers, and they don’t come too soon. The show feels small in a theatre normally used to housing big shows, it has a minimalist set consisting of a scaffold walkway and spiral stair… It is the Four Seasons and their music that brings the big family boxes of fireworks and sets the auditorium alight with so many colourful, sparkling performances.” REVIEWS GATE read more


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Whether you’re a hardcore fan of the original music of the Four Seasons or if you just visited the theatre on the basis of others’ recommendations, we want to hear your opinions and reviews of the show. How did it compare to other jukebox musicals you might have seen? Did the lead performers manage to capture the charisma of the original band? Did it leave you humming Oh What A Night for days afterwards? Share your thoughts on Jersey Boys by leaving your comments in the box below!

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  • sandra (5 years)

    I will be singing songs from the show it was great

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